Are we actually free to choose monogamy?
The role of sex in sustaining a successful monogamous relationship.
What role does the law play in love?
What role does religion play in our sexually exclusive relationships?

February 2023

Once upon a time, Fantasy and Reality met in the Kingdom of Monogamy. Here's what happened next.
The role of maturity in monogamy
Meandering the maze of love to understand its meaning for monogamy
Both murder and marriage may be classified as crimes of passion.

January 2023

The journey from patriarchal polyamory to moral monomania.
How well is monogamy aligned with the inescapable rhythms of our world?
Now that we have a working definition of monogamy (a dyadic and sexually exclusive relationship), we can determine if this state is natural for human…
And more importantly....what does it mean to you?